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Dr. Brandon Meta

Practice Manager; Senior Veterinary Surgeon

Dr. Brandon Meta graduated with a Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery from Murdoch University in 2011.  He has a keen interest in small animal surgery and hopes to expand the clinic services to include orthopaedics.

Since returning to Singapore, Dr Brandon gained his experience as a GP Vet working at a clinic in Yishun for 3 years before joining the Animal World clinic team in 2015. In his free time, he has also taught aspiring Vet Techs as an Adjunct Lecturer at Temasek Polytechnic.

Dr Brandon is a firm believer in preventative medicine and strives to educate clients about pre-emptive management of medical conditions. He actively engages in continuing education to stay abreast of the latest developments and encourages staff and clients to stay informed.

After a busy day at the clinic he prefers to relax at home with a movie or a good book, abiding by the ethos of ‘aside from a dog, a book is man’s best friend’.


Dr. Elango

Veterinary Surgeon

Dr Elango joined the Animal World team in August 2017.

He grew up in small farming community in India where he obtained his veterinary degree.

Later he moved to Canada to further his post-graduate studies in Animal Science from the University of Alberta and also passed the North American Veterinary Licensing Exam.

He gained experience working as a vet in Alberta, Canada and also volunteered at the Edmonton Humane Society doing spay and neuter surgeries.

He enjoys bowling and watching sports on his days off.




Veterinary Assistant

Laila completed a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree in the Philippines 8 years ago.

Since then she has worked as a vet in both small and large animal general practices.

Whilst doing so, she gained a wealth of experience handling and treating multiple species.

She is passionate about her work and is especially keen to focus on Emergency and Critical Care cases.

In her free time, she enjoys cooking and likes to go to church alongside her husband.



Veterinary  Assistant

Mancious grew up in a farming community surrounded by pigs and poultry and also had a dog and cat as part of the family. He graduated as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 2009 in the Philippines and has interests in Radiology, Clinical Pathology and Dentistry.

He worked as a vet in the Philippines for 2 years before joining another clinic in Indonesia as a Laboratory and Radiology supervisor.

In his free time, he enjoys travelling and visiting zoos and bird parks.



Pearlyn Lo

Front Desk Wizard & Passionate Animal Advocate

The first person you are likely to meet when you visit the Animal World Vet clinic in Kovan is Pearlyn.

You could not wish to meet a more gregarious and genuine individual anywhere, a supremely dedicated character who always puts our clients first as well as being a great listener.

Alongside her love of animals, Pearlyn really enjoys interacting and socialising with people from all walks of life.

Formerly a high-flying cabin crew member for Singapore’s national airline, Pearlyn made the decision to follow her heart by caring for defenceless animals a few years ago. The airline industry’s loss has very definitely been a gain for the Animal World clinic team, and for all our clients!

Feel free to approach her at the front desk as she’ll surely brighten your day! When not in the clinic, she is also a professional dog walker in her home neighbourhood.


New Staff

Vets & Nurse

Details of new staff to be added to the site VERY soon.

Check back for more info.


Animal World Clinic team; “Timmy” the TV Superstar…

Animal World Veterinary Clinic adopted Timmy in 2015 when his ex-owner took him to another veterinary clinic to have him put him down because he had a skin problem and worsening arthritis.

On hearing this, we immediately decided to adopt him and our expert staff began to treat him. Fortunately, Timmy has now put on considerably more weight and his skin condition is continuing to respond to treatment.
We also apply many different elements of veterinary physiotherapy to help ease his arthritis and we’re delighted to say that he has improved a lot.

In fact, he has improved so much that on Valentine’s Day in 2016, he made his National TV acting debut in a Mediacorp Channel 5 TV movie called “Love Machine”. You can catch a glimpse of Timmy’s incomparable acting style around 50 seconds into the short clip on the Channel 5 Facebook page by clicking the link.

He also joined a charity group called “Healing Paw” under SOSD, and as a result, he now goes to children’s homes and hospitals to act as a therapy dog for the residents and patients.

All our customers love Timmy and he has a very good nature. Still, he’s not perfect! He can be greedy with his food if allowed to be, but he’s not allowed to be! Of course, we have to control his weight because of his arthritis, and equally obviously, we do.

But come to meet our canine superstar anytime you’re in the area – we’ll all be delighted to see you, including Timmy (fame hasn’t gone to his head yet!)

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