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In the domestic animal world and under normal congenial circumstances, nature will heal pet injuries according to a particular ‘natural’ cycle of time.

However, for many reasons, these conditions are not always readily available.

Under conditions where the environment is less conducive, the injury can take longer to nurse back to health than nature intended.

At worst, it may never heal at all without professional care and attention!

The Primary Veterinary Clinic Kovan and Serangoon, a suburban haven in the northeast of sunny Singapore, Animal World Veterinary Clinic was founded to deliver enhancement and treatment of mobility related conditions in animals.

Offering a full range of professional services from the #1 veterinary clinic Kovan, Serangoon, Hougang, Ang Mo Kio, Paya Lebar and Sengkang, the primary aim of our clinic is to optimise healing conditions so that your treasured pet’s body can repair itself in its natural time span.

At the Animal World Veterinary Clinic, a suite of rehabilitation techniques is customised to support the recovery process, including the use of passive exercises on treadmills, movement therapies, extra corporeal shockwave therapies & TCM acupunctures, amongst others.

In addition to recovery, animals can be seen for weight loss and fitness programmes. Home visits can be arranged for very poorly animals.

In order to better serve our clients, Animal World Veterinary Clinic is also equipped with a comprehensive range of modern veterinary equipment and treatment facilities for routine veterinary procedures and ailments.

We maintain a highly dedicated and professionally trained veterinary team committed to working with you and your pet to reach planned treatment goals while using set outcome measures to continuously monitor your pet’s progress.

Welcome to Animal World Veterinary Clinic – A safe suburban haven in an uncertain world for your much-loved pet…premier Veterinary Clinic Kovan, Serangoon and Hougang…




10:30am – 2pm | 4 – 8.30pm

SATURDAY 9.30am – 2.30pm | 4 – 8pm

SUNDAY 9.30am – 1.30pm | 3.30 – 6pm


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Animal World Veterinary Clinic, Singapore

Veterinary Clinic Kovan

As the premier veterinary clinic Kovan & Serangoon, Animal World provides so much more than a unique animal physiotherapy service. There is a full range of veterinary services. For full details of the pet care facilities available, Read More…

Animal Physio 101

Veterinary Physiotherapy 101. It should not solely be human beings that can enjoy the benefits of physiotherapy. Now, for the very first time in Singapore, veterinary physiotherapy is available for your pets as well. Read More…

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